Oblique Productivity v3.1: New UI updates and a new set of cards!

Hey creatives! Yesterday, we updated our iOS Oblique app to include a few new UI modifications and a new set of strategies!  The updates include an option to invert the background colors and text of the app (black or white), option to hide everything on the screen except for the strategies, a landscape mode, and swiping to change the strategies! 

The new set of cards titled Starveling Edition derives from Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. We hope you enjoy it!!  


Get ready for Moodicious

The most important decision you make is to be in a good mood.


We are so excited that our newest iOS app Moodicious will be released this weekend. This app will mean a lot to many people as many of us struggle with mood changes throughout the day. We may often find ourselves being happy at one place and very sad at another. The fundamental behind Moodicious is to log and analyze all the times where you are either joyful, happy, sad, or angry. Being able to target and identify your mood throughout the day will allow you to focus on being happier and filtering out the negative.

We hope you enjoy this app and find it beneficial in your life journey! We will be releasing the app features shortly. Stay tuned!

NYC Parking Meter and Alternate Side Parking Notification is now available on the Appstore

We are proud to announce that the NYC Parking Meter and Alternate Side Parking Notification is now on the AppStore! Click here to download. This app features a clean and easy to see countdown timer until your expiration time, a simple label that updates you on parking rules of the day, section to leave notes regarding parking location, and a camera for taking pictures of surrounding parking signs. We will cover a few technical features in this app in a later blog as some of our readers may want to create something similar.